Professional Photographer in Ventura County

If you are looking for a professional photographer in Ventura County turn to Danny Mendoza. Custom packages start from $275 per session. Every session is different and varies from person to person, family to family and time to time BUT on average 2 hours is sometimes more than enough to get all the posses and attire changes that the family might need AND this time is totally customizable to you and your family's needs. My ultimate goal is to help you achieve great art work and immortalize your most cherished moments in more than amazing photographs. 

The Value of a Full-Service Photography Session

The memories that you have of your special moments with your family might fade with time, but photographs are forever. All of these are shared with friends, children, grandchildren and other family members some even down through generations. With something that important, you want to make sure that it is handled by a professional. When you choose my Full-Service Photography Sessions you get my attention, passion for photography, photography skills, post-production and editing knowledge and beautiful photos that are works of fine art.

I take special care to capture the magic and beauty of family members in their special moments of life celebration. As a family and happily married man I can tell you I know how important these moments are and what they mean for us. By making me your photographer you will receive everything you paid for and much more.