Color Spiral

Color Spiral


This was a fun image to make. It was inspired by my little daughter when she told me: "Dadda, a star made from color pencils would be cool." When both of us started working on the project we soon realized there were waaaay too many colors. So we decided to keep it simple and just put the colors that can be seen in the rainbow according to her.


After 5 mins. of trying to arrange the colors she told me that she had faith in me to finish the task at hand and without any further comment she left me to get some cookies with milk. Lol! So... I was left by my lonesome.


At first the colors looked great. I liked the compostion and the vibrance but there was something missing. So, I started thinking like my (at-that-point-in-time- 4 year-old) daughter. What would she do? I asked myself. Then I got my answer: she would break them in half like her many crayons. Lol!

Only, that instead of breaking them I decided to "Bend" them and then... Boom! The image was born. It has been one of my funniest images to make. Mainly because my little one was there with me during the process, or at least for some good part. 


So... for your consideration I give you "Color Spiral". I hope that it reminds you of your inner child that loves to explore light and color.

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