Green Wave

Green Wave


For all the green and good that we have inside us. The color of nature. It means growth, harmony... elements that could be necessary for our development as human beings. 

Trying to grow and have harmony at the same time can be something challenging at times. Though it might seem difficult it is not impossible to achieve. Practice will take us there. 

"Green Wave" is absolutely great to be displayed in open spaces with neutral colors so that its vibrance can be appreciated anywhere in the room where it is displayed.

The texture and the lighting shown in this image makes it a great addition to your Light and Color Collection so you are constantly reminded of never-ending improvement and development.

  • Specs

    All images are printed in Luster Paper and are mounted and window matted.

    Please, feel free to contact us should you like your image customized.

    Printing on other materials (e.g., metal, wood, canvas, etc.) will make the cost vary.