It is what drives us. It is what moves us. Life is experienced at different levels, at different altitudes and decibels. So I ask you... Why not in different shades of gray?


I wanted to capture something complicated to understand while at the same time giving a sense of freedom. We don't have to completely understand any particulars to be able to experience a moment as long as it matters to us. 


I love experiencing life in color. Though I can't deny that there is a certain sensuality in just shades of gray.


This images is for the "rebel" inside of us. I present to you "Harley." Let us experience what life can mean to us. Follow the light and the path will be shown as it has been to many riders among us. 

  • Additional Information

    All images are printed in Luster Paper and are mounted and window matted.

    Please, feel free to contact us should you like your image customized. 


    Printing on other materials (e.g., metal, wood, canvas, etc.) will make the cost vary.