"Nothing is new under the sun." Some people might claim.

In my point of view this is not entirely true. We, as people, are a completely new form of art or at the very least a developing one. The way things are portrayed is what gives a new air to old things.


In this case Ripples is a perfect example that something as old as water can be photographed in a different way to give us something "new."


Not knowing what something could be might present a better appreciation of what something really is. Meaning, not everything has to make sense for us to appreciate what is or what might be.


Water represents life. For this very reason I love photographing it. Life has different colors, hues, tones and luminosity. It is a metaphore of everything that could possibly be. Again... it depends under what kind of light life (and in this case water) is seen.

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    All images are printed in Luster Paper and are mounted and window matted.

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    Printing on other materials (e.g., metal, wood, canvas, etc.) will make the cost vary.