What if I told you that what you see is not really what you think?

Would you believe me that when you follow the light wonderful things could happen? 

Perhaps, right?


It happens all the time. It is not that simple to perceive, though. At a distance it looks like a flower but as you get closer you begin to realize that it is made of light. Different explosions are what ultimately gives life to the image in front of you. It is meant to say: "when properly perceived, light can take many beautiful forms. For some a flower, for others the birth of a star."


For me... it is Starlight.


Anything is possible when you follow the light. 


Explore The Heart Within.  

  • Additional Information

    All images are printed in Luster Paper and are mounted and window matted.

    Please, feel free to contact us should you like your image customized.

    Printing on other materials (e.g., metal, wood, canvas, etc.) will make the cost vary.