The Dance

The Dance


Movement and musicality in a given space express an idea or emotion, releasing energy or simply taking delight in the moment. That might be the way The Dance could be defined... Movement, Emotion, Energy, Delight.

What if we took the musical component out of it? What if we took the movement? What if we took everything and only leave the delight of the moment?


Will it will continue to have meaning? 




The moment frozen in time will still move us. Incredible it is how something as small as a flower can make us vibrate with emotions and give us a powerful impulse and make us express or have delight. Movement or lack of it can also bring us peace. It is the accumulation or lack of these components that have created this particular piece.


It is meant to bring you peace with its soothing colors and sensuous lines while urging you to have movement within your imagination that could take you to another emotional and spiritual level.


Part of the evergrowing Light and Color Collection, The Dance... for the nurturing of emotion and spiritual growth.

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