Vista Point

Vista Point


There are times when we are fortunate enough to not have problems at all... or at least it seems that way. But... why not give thanks to the problems we expereince as well? Sounds crazy? If you think about it, not at all. When we meet an obstacle we must think of new creative ways of overcoming our difficulties. It is an opportunity to test our patience, our physical and spiritual fortitude and a way of growing as a person.

That is what I think when observing this image. Problems are there whether we want to admit it or not. Then, why don't we see our problems under a different light. Like this image here...under the right light this mountain can look gorgeous and full of hope. Therefore, our problems seen under the correct light can show us hope and a way to a better and more meaningful solution.


This piece has found its rank among the Light and Color Collection with the purpose of reminding us that there is no problem so big that we can't tackle when we decide to see it under a different light.


For your peace of mind... I present to you Vista Point. Taken in our own backyard close to Santa Barbara.

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